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Interview : Nayantara

Here is an exclusive interview with actress Nayantara.


Q: You have worked in Iyya and Chandramukhi. Both were with popular stars. Did you expect that you would find success in Tamil industry?

Nayantara: (smiles) I really did not expect such affection. I am so overwhelmed and humbled by the affection shown to me by the Tamil audience.

Q: What do you think is your major advantage?

Nayantara: Most of the people appreciate my good looks. I receive a lot of mail congratulating my acting which complements the beauty.

Q: Any regimen to maintain your beauty?

Nayantara: (exclaims) Oh, no! I think my beauty is a God-given gift. I don’t follow any special routine of diet or exercise. I do not stay away from food for the sake of maintaining my figure. Even during shoots, I eat whatever is provided to other unit members.

Q: Your kissing scene in Vallavan…

Nayantara: See, I work according to the director’s guidance. If the script demands a kissing scene, I think there is nothing wrong. I only object to the kiss being inserted for the purpose of titillation. In Vallavan, I am working with Simbu who is very passionate about films. The scene in question gels well with the story and does not seem out of place.

Q: What is your thinking about love?

Nayantara: Love is a beautiful roller-coaster of emotions. Happiness, sorrow, denial and pain are part of the process. Love is successful only when the lovers unite.

Q: You seem quite categorical about this. Have you ever been in love?

Nayantara: Oh, no! I just told you what I saw with people who were in love.

Q: What is your reaction to shouts of I Love You from besotted fans?

Nayantara: I will give out a glad Thank you.

Q: If heroes said the same to you….

Nayantara: You are out to corner me. My reply under such circumstances will depend who said it, when and where and also my state of mind at that moment.

Q: You believe in love marriages or arranged marriages. What will be your choice?

Nayantara: I believe in destiny. I will marry a person who likes me and my family.

Q: Are you religious?

Nayantara: I am a Christian. But I go to the church and also visit temples.

That is Nayantara for you. The vivacious actress has made an impact with her flawless looks and expressive acting. Let us hope and wish her good luck in her future projects. © 2004 ; For advertising contact