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Interview : Mumtaz

She started her career with a mediocre film. But her sensuous looks and perfect body made her an instant choice for sexy, glamorous roles. She ruled the roost for nearly three years. For about an year now, she has been lying low. We decided to talk to her and here is an exclusive interview with Mumtaz.

Q: You were a constant fixture in every Tamil film not so long ago. What happened then?

Mumtaz: I have been receiving offers continuously. But I want only meaningful roles and hence I have been rejecting quite a few of them.

Q: You seem to have shed some flab. What is the secret behind the slim Mumtaz?

Mumtaz: Well, I am a fitness freak. I work out daily. Besides, I have a personal trainer to help me with exercise and diet. I avoid a high starch diet.

Q: Have you ever felt sad at being in the public eye as an actress?

Mumtaz: There have been two occasions when I felt very demoralized. At a press meet, some journalists asked me who the girl that accompanied me to shooting was. I told them that she was my close friend. This led to the rumor that I was a lesbian. The second incident was the Monal tragedy. It was I who called up Simran to inform her about the sad news. But, I was victimized when I tried to help. It just proves that show business is sad business. One cannot say friend from foe.

Q: What are your happy memories about your role as a heroine?

Mumtaz: I made my debut in Monisha En Mona Lisa. I have acted in several films. In each one, I have played according to the requirements of the story. I have taken care to bring the right shade of emotion to my roles. I do not mind in being the second heroine, only the importance of the character matters to me.

Q: You can claim credit for several hit songs. Any favorites?

Mumtaz: Almost every song of mine has been a hit with the audience. If you want me to pick out one, I would say the Mala..mala number from Choclet.

Q: Are you comfortable with Tamil?

Mumtaz: When I started acting, I was not familiar with Tamil. But the tremendous popularity that the Tamil audience has given me made me fall in love with the language. I started learning Tamil. Now, I have progressed well as to speak without difficulty.

Q: What are your ambitions?

Mumtaz: As an artiste, I want to perform different roles. I want to bond with the audience through my characters. I want to become an indelible name in Tamil cinema.

Q: Any plans beyond movies

Mumtaz: I love cinema. But I also love children. Therefore, I would like to pursue studies about children and their psychology. I have seen childbirth from close quarters. So, I know how wonderful it is to be with children. I wish to learn more about these beautiful gifts from God. © 2004 ; For advertising contact