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Interview : 'Jayam' Ravi

Q: How has been the experience so far working in Mazhai?

Ravi:(sneezes) Sorry, I have so far drenched in rain for thirty days during this schedule. I have had three bouts of fever. But, I have no regrets as the film is shaping up very well.

Q: Most of your heroines are newcomers.

Ravi: The heroines in my film are chosen keeping in mind the youth characters which I play. Sadha paired with me in Jayam and she is now a busy actress. Asin worked with me in M. Kumaran and she is also much sought after. Renuka Menon who worked in Dass has four films on hand now. My films introduce talented actresses to the industry.

Q: Are you working in any project under your brother’s direction?

Ravi: There will be an announcement soon. Trisha will be the leading lady.


Q: Are you more interested in doing action-oriented films?

Ravi: I am interested in doing a variety of roles. I would like to prove that I am versatile and capable of meeting the demands of different types of scripts. I am taking steps to evolve as a complete actor.

Q: You played a football player in Dass.

Ravi: The story revolved around a football player and I practiced to give the role a realistic touch.

Q: You have acted in remake films. Are you playing it safe?

Ravi: My first two films were remakes. But, Dass and the forthcoming Idhayathirudan are direct stories. Today, the audience can be satisfied only with a good story. In such a scenario, there is nothing wrong in bringing good stories from different languages. Cinema is a medium where only success is a constant. From the audience to producers to distributors, everyone likes only a hit.

Q: When will you act in home production?

Ravi: As of now, outside commitments are more. There are some projects still on the discussion board.

Q: What is your mission in cinema?

Ravi: My mission is to be known as an actor who can play every type of character. I want to bring in variety and dignity to every portrayal.

Q: Marriage plans….

Ravi: Not thought about it so far. Cinema is my first love and I am a great believer in destiny. When the stars divine, marriage might happen. © 2004 ; For advertising contact