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  Pooja - The girl with right attitude                                                                


June 14, 2005

Pooja is happy now she has got recognition in Kollywood, though she has acted in films made by Charan and Jeeva, perhaps she is looking for a perfect break. Pooja can also be seen on some new banners. She has started earning fame and fortune, but she doesn’t seem to show off anything. She has got the right attitude in mind that talent can never be suppressed. This sweet lady offers a sweet chat here …….


Though you have acted in few Tamil films made by successful directors still, you have not been dragged into any hot news why?

Basically that’s what I love and I want to be successful in this industry so I think staying calm and talented would fetch me that and also am waiting for the other films to get released, So that I can put forth my name among popular celebrity’s list.

We have heard your forth coming film is Thambi, What is your role in the film?

Well, it’s my second film with Madhavan.I have a brilliant role to play in the film. The director of the film is Seeman who is having a great passion for Tamil language which had also helped me to improve my language and I think this is not the right time to talk about the features of the film let’s wait for the film to be completed.

Have you bestowed anything for cinema?

I just completed my M.B.A. I had interest on films while I was studying but I didn’t take any measures to come into (film) industry perhaps now I have to do it. I’ll give what I can give and I think ill try my level best to make it possible in sooner time.

What’s your glamour’s perimeter?

Good looking and beauty is what needed, particularly for Tamil cinema and that’s what I see in acting glamour also; anyway my mind fixes the limit for everything which includes glamour too.



Tell us about your family?

My mum and dad had a love marriage. My dad’s name is Umashankar, he’s from Mangalore and my mum’s name is Sandhya and she’s from Srilanka. I was born in Srilanka.

What is your opinion about Love?

“Love” is a wonderful feeling, but I haven’t experienced it yet. I promise to let you know if I come across that feeling and a person who understands me better would be my right choice, but at present I’ve no ideas about that for which am concentrating only on my future projects .



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