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June 29, 2005

Madhavan teams up with Sada in Priyasakhi. The two had earlier done Aeithree.The film was launched on 15.12.04.For the first time Madhavan in a cross over film, a Malayalam – English bilingual Nothing But Life to be directed by Rajeev Anchal. His next Tamil movie is Thambi which is to be directed by Seeman. The Pooja of the movie was conducted recently.

Madhavan is doing Ramji Londonwale, the Hindi remake of Nala Damayanthi

How did you get the chance to act in Priyasakhi?

Director Adhiyaman was doing a movie in hindi starring Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty. That time I got to meet the director. While talking about the movie he told me he was planning to do the movie in tamil too with me in the lead role. I was taken aback by surprise. Then I heard the story and like it

What is your character in Priyasakhi? You seem to sport a different hairstyle in the movie!

Only if the script deserves can we change the getup. Just by changing the getup a movie won’t run. Only if a movie is taken for the current trend will it run. Couples are clear on how to manage their life after marriage. Each one has different sort of problem. Solution for that problem is situation based. Nowadays all ladies want to be independent and want to earn their own money. In some houses this is taken as a serious problem. Like this how a couple with varied views face the problem they confront is told in a very interesting way in the movie.

Can you share your experience in acting in other languages?

I have done three films in Hindi, one in Malayalam. Dr. Murali Manohar produced Nala Dhamayanthi in Hindi. The movie is titled Ramji Londonwale. Seeing that film Columbia films, immediately bought the distribution rights. The film will be released on July 22 worldwide.

When will Thambi under director Seeman be released?

The main reason for me to do Thambi was my manager Nazir. The film bears a very different story. I got a feeling which I have never experience before on hearing the story. It was such a beautiful subject. Seeman has not done a movie in the last 5 years. There is a fire in him, confidence and lots of talent. I am happy to work with such a director. The film will be out during august.


You seem to be traveling abroad very often?

I am getting a chance to go there very often. In a year almost 20 times I travel like this. In many countries there is immense respect for the tamil industry. Due to that there are lots of programmes and sometimes I am called to inaugurate functions. Sometimes I go abroad for shooting also

When is Kutti Madhavan expected?

Soon. If it is a boy or a girl, I am anxiously waiting. When I got married, Alaypayuthey was released. After that as was involved in lots of projects I kept pushing away the thought of having a child. But now the family is going to get bigger.

Though your one among the leading heroes, there seems to be no gossip about you?

I am waiting focused on doing my job. I am very clear that no producer is affected due to me. Life has given me the fame and money I need. Now I need to go to the next level. Only that thought is going in my mind. There is no need of gossips anywhere.


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