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Music Director Bharani


August 22, 2005

Interview Of Bharani by T.Muthukumar behindwoods correspondent

Can you tell us about your family?

I was in a village near Tanjore. I was the eldest son and I had two younger brothers. I studied up to tenth standard and I used to compose songs during my school days. As I had interest in music in Tamil film industry, I came to Chennai in 1989. At present, I live with my wife and a son who is two years old.


How did you get a chance to compose songs in Tamil movies?

I started my career as a lyricist. My first song was a song in Nalaya Theerpu which was also the first song for Vijay in Tamil industry. My original name was Gunasekaran. It was S.A. Chandrasekar who named me as Barani as my star sign was Barani. In 1999, I was given the chance by him to compose music for the movie Periyanna. My first song was Nilavey Nilavey which I recorded in AVM recording studio. My second project was Parvai Onraey Podhumae which was a super hit.

Can you tell us about your past and future projects?

My past projects include 12 Tamil movies, 2 Telugu movies and one Kannada movie. Alaiadikuthu was the latest movie which was released and Thirudia Idhayathai is to be released soon. My future projects are Oru Kadhalan Oru Kadhali, Lemon and a Parthiban’s movie.

Which is your favorite song?

Every song is being composed with the expectation that it will be a hit. But certain songs will get the combination of all the ingredients right. The voice of the singer, background and lyrics add craze to the song. A song of that caliber is Thuli Thuliyai from Parvai Onre Podhume.

Who is your favorite music director and why?

Music directors from the beginning like G. Ramanathan Iyer till the present music directors like Vidyasagar are all my favorites. But Illayaraja is my most favorite because he is one who inspired me during my boyhood days.

What do you wish to achieve to succeed in Tamil industry?

When Rahman composed music for Roja he would have not thought of doing an album named Vande Mataram. When Illayaraja started his music career, he would have not planned to do a symphony. So it all depends on time and situation. So when I get such an opportunity I will utilize it to the full extent.

Can you tell us about your singing talents?

I don’t concentrate much on singing. When asked by the producer or by the director, I will sing a song for the movie. In the movie Thirudia Idhayathai, I have sung a song along with the director Murali Krishna for which Karthik and Rohan had danced in the movie.

As Vikraman is to S.A. Rajkumar, can we say Murali Krishna is to Bharani?

Yes, of course. Vikraman and S.A. Rajkumar are good friends. Similarly, I am a good friend of Murali Krishna. I had done four movies with him. Vikraman is also a good friend of mine. After hearing the songs in Parvai Onre Podhumae, he told me that if the lead in the movie had been Vijay or Ajith, I would have achieved a lot more success.

What do you want to say to the viewers of Behindwoods?

Websites like Behindwoods and television networks aid us a lot in reaching the masses. So, I thank Behindwoods for providing me an opportunity.


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