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Actor Vincent Asokan


July 30, 2005

Interview Of Vincent Asokan by T.Muthukumar behindwoods correspondent

Good morning Sir, Please introduce yourself.

I am Vincent Asokan. My father S.S. Asokan is an actor. I have come into the field of cinema recently and did my first film Aai in 2004 Dec and supreme hero Sarath kumar was acting in it. Next film of mine is 6.2 and Sathyaraj is the hero in it, and my other films are Thottijaya and Chanakya. Now I am doing Khakki, Thagapanswamy and Muruga.

How did you come to cinema?

Cinema is my passion. I did not have any guidance as my father expired when I was in school. I did my Mechanical
Engineering in Coimabatore and got bound to some business affairs, but was doing T.V. serial. I was half hearted to enter into cinema but finally determined to enter film industry and happen to meet Sarath Kumar our family friend He recommended me for the film Aai and introduced to the Director Venkatesh. I was asked to take up a screen test and fortunately got selected and thus entered cinema and now I am doing more films.

Have you entered the film with your fathers influence or by your own?

When I came to this industry I decided not to get influenced by my father and should create my own image. Aai was my first film and did as per the directors instruction, but as days passed I gained confidence and gave my suggestions. Kakkhi gives different colour to a villain. In Thotijaya it was a rowdy character. In between I got the opportunity in Malayalam film. The audience will compare me with my Father and it is going to be difficult, but it is a good challenge.

Rajini and Vijayakanth was introduced to film as a villain and They became heroes, so you are also following their suit?

I wanted to do anti hero. I have no idea in doing totally hero character.

With whom do you like to act as villain and who inspired you ?

I was inspired by Kamalahasan and like to act with him as villain.

Which villan you like the best besides your father?

I like Prakash Raj as the best villain. He also does character roles and brings an element of cruelness in it also.

Did you struggle yourself to enter into cinema?

I did not struggle much nor did it comes so easily. It took sometime and in that gap I did T.V.serial.I can say 50% is the back up of my father and 50% is what I have performed.

Will you go back to T.V. serials?

Now T.V. serials are family oriented film and the scope for villain is less, but if villain scenes are needed for T.V. serials I like to do it.

Now are you doing T.V. serials ?

No my interest is only movie.

In cinema you are a villain, how are you in real life?

I am a very easy going person and friendly to all. I love going out for parties. I don’t stay at home during the weekends but enjoy with friends.

What is your future plan?

Cinematography is my passion.

What about your family?

Iam married and got two sons.

Thank you sir, On behalf of behind woods I have taken this Interview what would you like t tell to the viewers?

My greetings to everybody. My wish is Behind woods website Should become more popular in Chennai and I thank Behind woods For giving this opportunity.

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