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Director S.S.Stanley Interview :

"I won't let the producer sustain a loss from my film", S.S.Stanley exclusive...

Director S.S.Stanley talks to Behindwoods.com in this exclusive interview...

Q: Hello Sir. How long have you been in the cine field?

Stanley: I've been in the Cine field for quite a long time. I've been an assistant director for popular directors for twelve years.


Q: Please tell us about your family and your native place?

Stanley: My native place is Moonaru. My family consists of my  mother , my father , a brother  and a sister. My sister is married and is in Ooty, Kunoor. My brother is not married and is working.

Q: Sir, what is your first film?

Stanley: My first film as a director is "April Madhathil", starring Srikanth and Sneha.


Q: What are the other films you have done other than "April Madhathil"?

Stanley: I've done "Pudhukotaielirunthu Saravanan", which is produced by Indian Theater's production Krishnakanth. The hero of the film is Dhanush.

Q: Why didn't "Pudhukottaielirunthu Saravanan" become a hit such as "April Madhathil"?

Stanley: Well the story was completely misunderstood by the audience. What I've tried to tell in the story is different and what the audience' understood is different, that's why the film was not a big time hit with the audience, but to me it was a financial hit. The producer and the distributors did get back more than what they have spent for the film.


Q: Could you please explain what you were trying to say in the film?

Stanley: What I was trying to emphasize in the film is about Love. I wanted to tell the audience how the hero and heroine fall in love while they are traveling from one place to the other. I didn't give enough importance to the remaining action sequence. I wanted to highlight the love scenes. But, the audiences point of view has been different. They have seen it as an action movie and not as a love subject.

Q: What is your current venture?

Stanley: I've been involved in a new film with "7/G Rainbow colony" fame Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal.


Q: Why did you choose Sonia Agarwal as the pair for Ravi Krishna? She seems to be more mature than him?!

Stanley: All the young heroines now are looking mature for Ravi Krishna, but why I selected Sonia is, the pair is accepted in the movie "7/G Rainbow colony".

Q: Will this be a big budget movie? Will there be a hype for this movie?

Stanley: No, this is a medium budget movie and a commercial movie. It can be seen by people of all ages.

Q: So, do you have any plans to do a dream movie, your master piece, something like that?

Stanley: Well, I do have a dream movie, but not now, it will be a long term plan. I don't want to experiment and make the producers suffer a loss from my movies at anytime.


Q: So, what is your attitude now?

Stanley: First of all, I want to satisfy the producer. The producer must get back his money he puts in my movie, that is my attitude now. I can always pull out my own trend of movies later.