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"Boys" Manikandan Interview:

New pop seed Manikandan from Boys fame on an exclusive interview...

Manikandan who is one of the boy from renowned Director Shankar's "Boys" is caught on an interview from Mukam Cine/TV Directory on behalf of Behindwoods.com.

Q: How did you get into the film of the "big wale" Director Shankar?

Manikandan: I got this opportunity to get into Director Shankar's film through one of my friend. His name is Pappu. He is my classmate and friend in the college where I was studying Visual Communication. He informed me that there is an interview scheduled for the movie "Boys", which is to be directed by Shankar. I tried and got the chance in "Boys".


Q: There was a lot of competition there. What was so special about you that impressed Shankar?

Manikandan: I will dance well, I can imitate most actors through my Mimicry, I used to scare small children turning off the lights and acting like a dinosaur. I did the same in front of director Shankar. He laughed at me. I knew at that time he was interested in me.


Q: So, you got selected then itself?!

Manikandan: No, Shankar told me that he will let me know in some time. I've to wait for there months for the chance.

Q: How did you feel when you were called for "Boys"?

Manikandan: I didn't feel anything new. I would have felt more happier if I had been selected the day after the interview itself. Those three months I have been walking on the high rope, thinking whether I would get selected or not. But all together I am happy for "Boys".


Q: Did you celebrate your success with your friends ?

Manikandan: Yes, they have asked for a treat, but it is still in pending. I'll be giving a party for my friends on my birthday.


Q: Please tell us about your family?

Manikandan: My house is in Kodambakkam, my father is retired from work, my mother is a house wife, my elder sister is married and my younger sister and my younger brother are still studying. I've finished my Visual Communication. Our family is not a rich family, but somewhat a medium class family. I used to dance well from my child hood days, so they put me in the dance class of Kala master. I've excelled in her class, and nothing more to my qualification.


Q: Are you involved in any movies at present?

Manikandan: I'm doing a film by name "Kadal FM" and a film with Simran called "Kiccha Vayasu 16". In "Kadal FM",  I'm acting as a Radio Jockey and in "Kiccha Vayasy 16", a character of a youth.

Q: How do you feel to be in movies other than that of big director'?

Manikandan: Well, "Kadal FM" is a good movie, but it is also a low budget movie, the story is nice, but they used to write the scripts after coming to the spot and there isn't enough scope to express my acting abilities in that movie, because they don't insist in taking a shot more that once. Even when I ask them to take a particular shot again, I do not get proper response. Every body say that, you will feel that way after acting in a big director's movie, but I doubt it. Let's see, what I feel right may not be right for others too. Let the movie hit the screens first, then I will get a good idea hot to plan my next movie.


Q: Then tell us about your next movie 'Kiccha Vayasu 16"?

Manikandan: "Kiccha Vayasu 16" 's highlight is Simran Madam. I am a big fan of Simran madam, but I haven't told her even now. Got to tell her as soon as possible. In this movie I act as a youth of age 15-16. I used to have the mindset of the youth every where I go after the shooting, many misunderstood me for a stubborn nuisance boy.


Q: Have you fallen in love with anyone?

Manikandan: I loved a girl during my college days, but it is only a month's love then it became a flop.

Q: Was it your fault or the girl's fault?

Manikandan: It was her fault. But I don't want to talk about it now.


Q: Are you in love with some one now?

Manikandan: No, at present I want to mould my career. My mother is important to me now. I'm a dependant person and I want someone to encourage me on my work. If a girl such as my mother comes as my lover, than it is ok for me. But I don't want to spoil my life in the hands of a girl with an bad attitude.


Q: Tell us about your friends?

Manikandan: I don't have many friends. I have only four friends till date. My school friends are Hari and Vijay. My college friends are Bala and Kumar.


Q: How do they react to you now?

Manikandan: They react to me the same way they were before, they don't have any ego towards me. One friend is trying to be a director and the other is trying to go abroad. All of us are still struggling to get to the top.

Q: Why don't you recommend them to the cine field?

Manikandan: I don't like to recommend anyone to the cine field. Every one have to train hard and come up in their own struggle.


Q: You said your friend Pappu has recommended you to director Shankar? Why didn't you want to recommend any one?

Manikandan: Pappu didn't recommend me to anyone. He only informed me that there was a selection for the film. Similarly, if there are any interview's regarding the cine industry, I will definitely inform my friends.


Q: What are your plans for your future?

Manikandan: I don't plan for my future. I used to live life what is given to me. I always want to be an full time artist. It was a dream for me from my child hood days. Hope my dream will be a reality soon.