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January 22, 2005

Velachery area in Chennai is always famous for many reasons. Many of our musicians including a ghatam player Pudukottai N.Ramachandran, are residing here. Apart from this, one could see lots of college students, both male and female crowding near a bungalow to watch Thendral fame Uma , coming out of her house and playing with the children of that area. She gave an interview exclusively for Behindwoods.com and the excerpts of the interview are as follows:

Is it true that you always want to act in homely characters?

Initially my mother, actress Sumithra didn’t like me acting in films when I told her about my desire. She took firm in her decision that I should not enter into cine field. The very same thing increased my desire and passion like anything to act in films. First I thought that I should act only in homely characters. But I am well aware of the fact that if I restrict myself to some areas, I can’t shine well in the field. I did not give up acting in homely roles. After a long gap, I did Kadal Pookal.

Do you think it is easy to act in homely roles?

No, It is not easy. The audience would be watching your face all the time. If the face is bright then they would feel that I would fit in the role. After I completed Chokka Thangam, I was asked to act in a sister role. After the release of the film, Thendral, I was asked to act in a mother's role! It is too difficult to make the producers to understand the difficulties in doing those roles. Eventhough I am accepting homely roles, I am getting some offers. Presently, I am acting in a film called Righta Thappa.

Did you get any offers for glamour roles?

I haven’t got any offers for glamour roles so far. But there are occasions, in the shooting spot where I have been asked to show glamour in some scenes. Once, I was asked to show glamour in a song by a producer. I don't want to mention the name of the producer. I asked the producer to use someone in that glamour song and walked out of the studio.

Mention your experience in the sets of Thendral?

Thangar Bachchan, director of the film, Thendral approached me after making several attempts with various heroines. Initially, he was not sure whether I will suit the role of a 8 year old boy’s mother since I was very lean. I told Thangar Bachchan that I would become fat so that I would fit the role of a mother. I ate well, became fat and surprised the director.

What are the advantages of being the daughter of actress Sumithra?

My mother has earned a good reputation that many in the industry still recall my mother's talent in acting. I will have to maintain that reputation by doing good roles. I follow the punctuality of my mother.

Tell us something about your family?

My father’s name is Rajendra Babu, a commercial director in Kannada films. My youngest sister, Deepti is acting in Kannada films and she is staying in Bangalore with my father. My full name is Uma Sankari. I am studying in B.A, English literature in Indira Gandhi Open University.

What is your opinion about love?

Nowadays, love is not true. People say that they love each other, but how many really love each other, marry and live together? If it is true love I would give respect to it.

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