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January 26, 2005

Sneha is very charming, but also bold enough to stand up to everyone's questions. In her interview, she politely refuses the gossip regarding the news about her marriage which is spread out in the Kollywood for quite some long.

We have been hearing about your marriage for quite long enough, and also that you are planning your marriage after your completion of the two Telugu films you are commited now? How true is he news?

This is yet another rumour spread by unknown elements from the film industry. At present, acting is my only concern and I have no time to think about marriage. The gossips started to flow when I planned  to  visit my  brother living in  UAE. The  very same rumour

was spread then, but I was so busy with my shooting schedules that I could not forsee this as an threat. Now the same news is spread again. I don't have any idea, what I'm going to do with this problem. The best way to get rid of this problem is to ignore it. That's what I'm doing now.

Will you also consider to act in glamour roles?

First of all, my father did not like me coming into the film industry. Only after my promise of not doing glamour roles in the film, did he let me into this field, I do not want to step away from my promise nor do I like to do glamour stuff. I want to be an example to others by accomplishing good name in the homely characters alone.

Could you discuss with us about Your role in Aayudham?

I am starring as a Brahmin girl in the film. Though I was not born in that community, I am pretty much proud of myself that I got the chance to appear in a Brahmin character. Prashanth stars opposite to me in the film.

Why is there a lot of gap inbetween your film's?

Well, I choose the films based on my character. Instead of appearing in many films and becoming unpopular for want of money, I always prefer good roles instead. That is the reason behind my thin attendance in the film industry.

Could you tell us about your experience with Padmashree Kamalahassan?

I should say that I'm really a gifted person to act along with a legend such as Kamal Hassan. I'm a big fan of kamal and will not miss any of his films from my childhood days. While working with him in "Vasool Raja MBBS", he taught me many things regarding acting. I am very much eager to do more roles with him.

You have appeared in a horror film "Athu", which talks about evil spirits. Are you not aware that your image might be spoiled because of this?

Many raised this same question before and I had given them their answers. There is no way that my image is spoiled because of my character in the film. There are many heroines who had already done their roles in various films similar to this. I would say that to act in such movies is really a thrilling experience, and there is no way that I would compromise on such a movie.

What about the rest of the gossips circling around you in the cine industry? There are a lot of things which are pouring in about you?

In general actors and actress' would always expect that there should be some news appearing about them in the cine industry. If anything about them appear in the gossip column, they would not mind much. Similarly the press and the media would love to publish news about actor's and actress'. Like you see our fans know our car number better than us because of the media hovering around us. So, the same thing is happening in my case. I couldn't conrol the flow of news around me.

A close friend of mine, still says that you have married some one?

(Laughs). It seems he is watching a lot of my films. From that point of angle, he is very much correct.

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