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February 3, 2005

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai has a knack of getting into news for the wrong reasons. The recent in a long line of controversies is that Anil Ambani proposed to her for marriage with Amitabh Bachchan playing the go-between. Ash spoke to newspersons on this and much more.

How do you pick your roles?

I am still a learner and I believe that I have to perform better with every new role. I consider my directors as the guides who can bring out the best of my natural abilities. Apart from acting, I am interested in all aspects of film-making like direction, editing and post-production.

As for the criteria for choosing roles, I play only those characters which are guided by a great cause and show solid commitment to it.

You have entered Hollywood movies. Will you do kissing scenes?

I am not comfortable working with directors who feel steamy scenes are necessary to ensure commercial success. I believe in roles which portray idealism and conviction shown with creativity. If the director can convince me that kissing is needed at that point in the screenplay, I’ll decide accordingly.

Tell us about your experience working in ‘Raincoat’?

‘Out of the world’!, I must say. This role comes as close to my natural persona as it gets. I am a bundle of emotions and it was a great challenge to project my inner self on to the character within the parameters of the screenplay.

Tell us more about your recent experience at international film festivals, any memorable moments?

I was at the Marrakesh(Egypt) Film Festival where my recent film,Bride and Prejudice was screened on the concluding day. I received a standing ovation at the end of the screening. I still am stunned to think that our movies and the performances are making an impact on the global arena. Amitabh Bachchan and I were great hits. It was momentous.

How do you react to the news that Anil Ambani and you are planning marriage and the Big B is playing the messenger between the two of you?

Absolute nonsense! I wonder who spreads such canards. As far as I can remember I have met Anil only twice. First we met at ‘Sahara city’ resort for a wedding reception and next at Bharat Shah’s birthday bash. On both occasions, we met with mutual friends like Bachchan or Vivek Oberoi and Suresh Oberoi. We were waiting for Amar Singh and dispersed later. I have not had any personal meeting with him. I can’t understand why the media always targets me for such irresponsible reporting.

You are a complete beauty, how do you react to this?

(Happily) Oh really? Thank you. But I feel that every woman is beautiful in her own special way. Her beauty should not be measured in physical terms but by her intellectual capabilities. Only then can women become independent.

You have demonstrated that you are a thinking woman by donating your beautiful eyes.

(Smiles) Thanks….


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