1) Who is playing the character role of Meera in the film?

a) Bipasha Basu
b) Sandhya Mridul
c) Shibani Kashyap

2) After featuring in Rock On, which actress would be seen after a hiatus?

a) Koel Purie
b) Nicole
c) Prachi Desai

3) Who is the director of The Great Indian Butterfly?

a) Farhan Akhtar
b) Sudipto Chattopadhyay
c) Sarthak Das Gupta

4) The Great Indian Butterfly will hit the theatres on the….

a) 26th of March
b) 19th March
c) 2nd April

5) The Great Indian Butterfly movie is about….

a) Butterfly granting immense happiness to the person who catches it.
b) Revolves around the live of the Butterfly
c) How competent is a Butterfly compared to fireflies.

6) The movie questions….

a) Is happiness a rare insect?
b) Do Butterflies still exist?
c) What is the nexus between humans and Butterflies?

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