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  Thirupaachi - Review                                                                


February 8, 2005

Another tailor-made role for Vijay, Tiruppachi scores with its impressive screenplay. Although the story is the perennial tear-jerker of a brother’s affection for his sister, the packaging will attract the audience. Vijay marries off his sister to a petty shop owner in the city. On a visit to the city, he is irked by the reign of terror unleashed by the underworld dons. He maintains restraint and goes back to the village even after his friend is killed and his sister’s husband also suffers. But he returns to the city and destroys the goons to bring about peace(!) The climax has been shot impressively.

Director Perarasu has worked under Dharani and it shows in the screenplay. It is a cakewalk for Vijay and has catered to his fans’ expectations. In action, comedy and dance he is excellent. Not much work for Trisha. Autograph Mallika as Vijay’s sister has put in a good performance.

The  film  has  grossed  well  in  the  box-office. But  it cannot

escape one that Vijay’s films have begun to turn predictable.


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