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  Thirudiya Idayathai preview:
This movie releases on Valentines day...
Thirudiya Idayathai is yet another triangular love affair between two friends and a girl who intercepts in their lives.

The film’s highlight is, that the entire shooting schedule of the film was finished off within seventeen days, says Murali Krishna, the director of the film. The film will be screened on February 14th, Valentines Day.

The story goes as this,
Rohan and Gunal are good friends. While Rohan’s family members search a bride for him, they eventually end up with Suba Punja, who has already fallen in love with Rohan.

The two friends who share everything in between them for their friendship, find themselves lost in a state of possessiveness for the girl and began to fight over each other for the girl.

The rest of the story goes on how they solve this problem.

Dancer Ramji of “Velarika Pinju Velarika” song fame comes in as an important character in the film. His job is to keep on scorching the friends about each other.

This film is said to become another musical hit such as the film “Paarvai Ondre Pothume” which starred Gunal and Monal. There is a soft melodious song sequence in the film and a rock music type song sequence is also there in the film. Stars in the cast are as follows: Rohan, Gunal, Subha Punja, Nizalgal Ravi, Fathima Babu etc..

The story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are taken care of by Murali Krishna. Bharani is the music director; Cinematography is by Rajarajan, Art by A.Antony Peter. R.Salian produces the film.

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