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  Vijay's first Duel Role                                                       
May 02, 2005
The young brigade in Tamil cinema is led by Vijay, who has been the most successful star last year. From a hero who did utterly forgettable roles in his salad days, he has metamorphosed into a fine performer who excels in all aspects of acting. Vijay has so far not donned dual roles. This longstanding wish of his fans will be fulfilled in his next film, Sivakasi, which is being directed by Perarasu. Another highlight of the film is music by Srikanth Deva who is scoring for a Vijay film for the first time. The two characters of Sivakasi are Siva and Kasi who are one hundred and eighty degrees apart in personality. While Siva is the aggressive do-gooder, Kasi is the sober suffering character.

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