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  Interview With S.J.Surya On BF:                                                                


Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Hatrick director S.J.Surya is ready for the next game. If he gives another hit, then he will be in the list of heroes who get their salary in crores. In his interview, he talks about his latest project, BF.

Question: Have you decided to do only one film in a year?

It is nothing like that. I am planning to do 4 films a year.

Question: Before, you used to write stories keeping other heroes in my mind. Do you feel any difference when you are the hero in a story?

Surya, as a hero is a good person. Only if there is work for actor Surya, he will come out of director Surya. I usually have other heroes in my mind when I write my stories, so there is no need of actor Surya to come into picture.

Question: What was the reason for the failure of New in Telugu?

I committed a mistake in using Magesh, an action hero in a romantic and comedy film. Another reason is that Kiran was not used in Telugu and the duration of the film was more in Telugu. Too much sweet often causes hatred!

Question: Do you think that the films which are based on sex are good for the society?

It doesn’t matter on what subject the film is based, what matters is how it is expressed. One of Balachander’s hit films Manmatha Leelai was based on sex, but it conveyed a message to the audience.

Tell us about your latest project, that is Best Friend?

For the first time, I have given life for our thoughts in Best Friend. The separated lovers are brought together by their thoughts. Nila, a Bangalore resident is the heroine. Both I and Nila are doing dual roles in the film - I and my thoughts, similarly Nila and her thoughts.

Question: Why do you call Best Friend as Kushi Part-2?

There are lots of reasons behind it. As in Kushi, the hero and heroine often fight with each other for silly things.

Question: When can we expect your marriage invitation?

Surya: Now, there is no hurry for my marriage. I am only 8 years old. In my film Pappu got married in 8 years, but I want to grow for sometime and then marry.

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