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 P Vasu Interview                                                      
April 14, 2005

With more than 49 films under his belt P Vasu’s latest offering is Super Star starring Chandramukhi.

How do you feel working with Rajini in Chandramukhi?

Rajini and I have already done three films Panakkaran, Mannan and Uzhaippali together. We used to discuss upon new stories then. It was when Rajini happened to see my Kannada film `Aaptha Mithra, he began to show interest in doing a film with me. I got a call from Shivaji productions Ram Kumar who told me that Rajinikanth wanted to do a film under my direction for Sivaji Films.

Is anything special about the film?

This is my 50th film and Rajini’s 152nd film. We both feel great working for Shivaji film’s. Production went on very well at a fast pace. We started the production as late as December last year and finished the film and it is going to be released on Tamil New Year Day (April 14).

Plese tell us about the camera works handled in the film?

Cinematographer Sekar has been remarkable with his camera. I was impressed with his work in a few Telugu films and he has given some amazing touches to Chandramukhi. The lighting effects for the movie are simply superb.

How about Vidhyasagar composing music for the first time for Rajini?

It is the first time ever that Vidyasagar has composed music for a Rajini film. He was very eager to give his best of work and has worked in it tirelessly. The cassettes are doing well. His re-recording is also very good.

About Prabhu, Jyothika and Nayanthara?

Prabhu has done a beautiful job. Rajini treats Ramkumar and Prabhu as his brothers and insisted during the shoot that either of them should be on the sets. Both Nayantara and Jyotika have done very well. Nasser is a fine character actor and has proved his caliber once again. However, according to Rajini, Vadivelu is the hero of Chandramukhi and that was how he addressed him.

Please tell us about the Chandramukhi shoot in Turkey?

Chandramukhi’s song sequence was shot in Istanbul, Turkey. It was fun, especially in the mealtime. In Istanbul restaurants, tables are allotted on the basis of countries. So all of us would sit around one table, which would sport the Tricolor, in a big group and it was an absolutely enjoyable experience.

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